Blockchain: Pervasive and Growing

The technology behind Bitcoin is generating fanfare and shifting exchange of value paradigm. Financial services actors were the first to be enthusiastic about blockchain and continue to forward this technology. According to IBM, 66% of banks around the world will use blockchain by 2021. However, this trend becomes contagious to other industries in many areas, …

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What is the State of Agile Worldwide?

VersionOne’s Annual State of Agile™ report is always an interesting read. For the 2017 edition, Analysis.Net Research collected thousands of survey responses from July to December 2016 and prepared the report on behalf of VersionOne, an Agile tool vendor.  Read more (2017 State of Agile) to find out about the State of Agile.

Six Best Practices for Estimating Agile Projects with Story Points

One benefit of Scrum and other Agile practices is predictability. Predictable Agile teams know their capacity for work, make realistic commitments, and deliver what is expected. But, predictability requires good estimation. Good estimates enable an Agile team to plan sprints well, forecast milestones, and build confidence with end users and other stakeholders.   An Agile team …

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Seven Important Metrics for Agile Performance

Agile is an empirical approach to performing work.  Instead of following a detailed plan developed upfront, the Agile team observes and experiments, a process that metrics directly support.  Metrics are something useful to measure, like customer satisfaction or network bandwidth.  In the Agile world, metrics help you establish baselines for comparison when making changes; monitor …

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