Our Process

4D Methodology

Dynanet leverages its proven 4D methodology to address customer problems in four key phases while considering Governance, Human-Centered Design (HCD), Security and Cost/Budget during each step. The integration of these core concepts into every phase of our methodology enables us to a deliver a final product that provides a holistic solution to the problem.

The methodology provides a structure for any client problem while offering the flexibility to tailor the approach based on customer requirements. The methodology allows us to iterate between phases and move among the four stages in a non-linear manner if needed to ensure a complete solution is produced at the end of the process.

DISCOVER  »  gather as much information as possible to start to design and execute a solution to address the customer problem – understand and define the WHY

DESIGN  »  identify what is needed to address the customer problem – organize the HOW

DEVELOP  »  build and test the designed solution – build the WHAT

DELIVER  »  deliver the product and measure impact – operationalize the product

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