Dynanet IT Services

Legacy System Modernization

Dynanet helps clients modernize IT to increase productivity and security.

Benefits of Our Approach

As the pace of modernization accelerates, many agencies might find themselves struggling to keep up. Dynanet understands the challenges organizations are facing with aging legacy infrastructure and applications. Whether additional functionality needs to be added to an application or a complete system redesign is needed, Dynanet has knowledgeable engineers that work with stakeholders to identify and execute the exact path needed.

Using our Agile and DevSecOps methodologies, we have supported several legacy system modernization efforts iteratively designing, building, and deploying new capabilities that help mission and business critical functions. We have helped agencies breakdown monolithic applications into discrete microservices that are secure and streamlined and decrease the time to deploy new system capabilities.

As a result of Dynanet’s IT modernization approach and experience, our federal customers leverage new technologies that result in reduction in technical debt, increase cost efficiencies, and faster time to market.

Real Life Results

Explore our Success Stories to learn some of the support Dynanet provides in Legacy System Modernization.
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