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Managing Agile Troublemakers

Ideally, all your Agile team members agree with The Agile Manifesto, complete their tasks on time, raise concerns immediately, and are fully committed to the success of your organization and its customers. In the real world, of course, this is rarely the case. Most likely, your team will include people with varying levels of commitment … Read More

10 Tips for Managing Remote Agile Teams

To lower labor costs and tap larger talent pools, software development is becoming more virtual and distributed. And now that Agile software development is widely accepted, remote Agile teams are a reality.  The following article (10 Tips for Managing Remote Agile Teams) provides tips for managing remote teams such as cross-functionality, continuous integration, and automated testing.

7 Attitudes of Highly Successful Agile Teams

You’ve assembled your Agile team, trained them on Agile principles, given them the best Agile tools, and let them run with it. They have grown as a team, executed their development iterations well, and delivered working software every few weeks. How does the team achieve the next level of performance? Read more (7 Traits of … Read More

10 Tips for Scaling Agile

Is your organization ready to Scale Agile?  More importantly, do you know how to Scale Agile or what it means?  Mike McEwen, Dynanet’s Certified Scrum Master, provides 10 Tips for Scaling Agile.  Read more (Scaling Agile_Dynanet) to see if it is right for your agency or company.

Moving from Scrum to Scrumban

For over three years, Dynanet has been delivering award-winning software by leveraging lessons learned from embracing Scrum. Mike McEwen, Dynanet’s Certified Scrum Master, covers the benefits and improved results from moving to a Scrumban environment. Haven’t heard of Scrumban? Read more (Moving from Scrum to Scrumban) to see if it is right for your agency … Read More

Successful Agile Implementation Requires Executive Support

Many software development organizations have switched to agile. It provides many benefits to the organization, but can only be fully realized if the practice gets top down support.  Click on the article “succesful-agile-imple-requires-exec-support” to read more about getting the full benefits out of Agile. As the government customers Dynanet has helped successfully transition to agile will … Read More

What the Heck is TSE?

Ken Beecher, Dynanet Director, IT Solutions, answers the question “What is TSE?”. Do you know? Read more (What the Heck is TSE?) to find out what it is and how it is working at Dynanet.

Let the Chase Begin

Mike Rice, Dynanet Director, Business Development, begins his Business Development Framework series.  This series focuses on the Capture Phase through the assignment of individuals to the engagement of teammates.  This first article (Let the Chase Begin) focuses on the first activity, the capture process, which is the assigning of individuals to the capture team.  Stay … Read More