Dynanet IT Services

Robotic Process Automation

Dynanet helps automate or enhance tasks allowing employees to focus on higher value-add work.

Benefits of Our Approach

Dynanet identifies process automation opportunities, leveraging Robotics Process Automation (RPA), to achieve greater operational efficiencies by reducing highly manual, resource intensive tasks. Dynanet identifies IT portfolio and investment processes that are candidates for automation technologies such as RPA, custom scripting, and platform tuning leveraging automated workflows. As part of this process, Dynanet uses our Process Automation Methodology, Process Automation Checklist and Questionnaire, and Automation Feasibility Analysis Matrix.

Dynanet leverages our methodology and artifacts to identify the most viable and beneficial automation candidates, that will result in personnel cost-savings based on a decrease of time consumption and gained process efficiencies.

Real Life Results

Explore our Success Stories to learn some of the support Dynanet provides in Robotic Process Automation.
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