Our Process

IT Modernization Decision Framework

IT modernization needs vary across federal agencies due to their diverse IT environments and mission/business needs but ultimately the goal to support digital transformation and increase efficiency and effectiveness is a constant. We leverage our IT Modernization Decision Framework to 1) help our customers understand and define their modernization needs, 2) assess and determine the best path(s) for modernization, and 3) and define their implementation strategy and roadmap.

Our IT Modernization Decision Framework includes a customer-centric delivery approach, a business-centric view of modernization, and a cost-conscious selection and prioritization of modernization needs. Through our framework, we place great focus on people, process, and technology and allow mission and business needs to be the driving factor for successful IT modernization.

The use of our IT Modernization Decision Framework is key to our implementation of IT solutions. We leverage our framework as we engage in:

  • Improving, retiring, or replacing existing systems
  • Transitioning legacy systems to cloud or other platforms and technologies
  • Delivering emerging technology for business or digital transformation
  • Supporting cloud and technology enablement
  • Architecting or re-architecting systems
  • Assessing existing technology stacks and define new technology stacks

Our IT Modernization Decision Framework was developed through key linkages to our Dynanet 4D Methodology, Enterprise Architecture Approach, and HCD approach. By leveraging our framework, we ensure that informed decisions on what, why, when, and how to modernize are at the forefront of any IT modernization endeavor.

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