Our Process

Human Centered Design

At the core of our 4D methodology is the philosophy that people (customers, end-users and stakeholders) are at the center of everything we do. This methodology is guided by our Human Centered Design (HCD) approach and principles and executed through use of Agile Methodologies.

At Dynanet, HCD is a philosophy we integrate into how to address and solve complex problems. We design products with the end user in mind and deliver desired outcomes. This enables us to design a solution with the end user in mind. We work with stakeholders at every level of the process to identify the biggest problem or challenge and then design a solution that will make tangible improvements.

We leverage HCD methods and tools at the planning stage of every engagement. We give every end user a voice from the very beginning, facilitating a continuous feedback loop, increasing buy-in, and accelerating adoption of the end product. Dynanet integrates an HCD philosophy at every stage of an initiative. This provides a holistic picture of the environment to accurately define the problems and helps us solve large and complex issues. We balance the input from stakeholders with mission objectives and business needs to evaluate the best solution for our customer. This requires us to integrate enterprise architecture, cost benefit analysis and governance to identify the feasibility of potential solutions and move forward with the ones that will be most successful.

Our 4D methodology integrates Agile methodologies and HCD principles to enable technology to solve problems and transform the customer experience. We use an agile approach within and across each phase of our process allowing us to iterate until we have identified and developed the best solution. Throughout the process, we keep people at the center of our discover, design, develop and deploy activities.

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