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Information Technology is a dynamic and interesting field, always moving forward. We are fortunate to have leaders in the field both as clients and on our own team.

In this space you will find links and information shared with the intention of keeping our clients and guests informed of the latest trends in our industry. Here you will find interesting stories, previews of industry events and more.

“The Geek Within” Podcast

Our own Peter Anih, CTO, appeared on the podcast, “The Geek Within.” On it, he recounted his own story of how he got into the IT field and his journey to becoming a CTO.

Industry perspectives on the OMB draft data strategy

Dynanet CTO Peter Anih joins panel of industry experts share their views on the OMB data strategy items, and what it means for chief data officers, contractors, and overall data use in government.

Industry perspectives on the OMB draft data strategy

Innovation That Works: Cloud

Dynanet CTO Peter Anih and other industry experts discuss best practices for cloud computing in public and private sector and new methods to improve how government does business.
Innovation That Works: Cloud

How to Embrace DevSecOps in Government Organizations

How has government embraced DevSecOps in culture and practice? While change is an arduous process, DevSecOps requires increased response time, promoting collaboration and faster delivery. Aqeel Butt, A.N.D. Consulting LLC, and Peter Anih, Dynanet, discuss where the government is in the DevSecOps journey.

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