Monthly Archives: May 2015

Dynanet Participates in C2E Event

Dynanet participated at the First GSA IT Contractor Collaboration Event (C2E). This was an excellent exchange with contractors supporting GSA’s IT initiatives.  The next C2E will be on June 24 from 5-7 pm at ITG’s office. The topic will be Outage & Incident Response.

Let the Chase Begin

Mike Rice, Dynanet Director, Business Development, begins his Business Development Framework series.  This series focuses on the Capture Phase through the assignment of individuals to the engagement of teammates.  This first article (Let the Chase Begin) focuses on the first activity, the capture process, which is the assigning of individuals to the capture team.  Stay … Read More

Dynanet to Host GSA IT Contractor Collaboration Event

On May 20, join Dynanet Corporation at the GSA IT Contractor Collaboration Event. The goal of the event is to Increase service provider collaboration between GSA IT applications and infrastructure operations with the goal of improving overall service to GSA. There will be a series of collaboration and socialization events with industry colleagues. Dynanet is … Read More