Team Members

Brian DiPaolo

Brian is a seasoned Data Scientist with the esteemed Computational Microscopy Imaging Lab group within the Department of Medicine at the University of Florida. With a career spanning over fifteen years, Brian has spearheaded the development and commercialization of a variety of pioneering biomedical technologies. Brian earned his doctorate degree at the University of Pennsylvania […]

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Brad Egloff

Brad has 20+ years of experience in cybersecurity/information assurance management and business. He has strong knowledge across multiple markets and considerable project and program management experience with Risk Management and Governance / Compliance projects. Brad’s current and past clients include some of the leading entities in the Federal, State, Financial Services, and Healthcare Industries.

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Pascal Passignan

Pascal is an ICAM Architect providing strategic leadership in designing and implementing the tenets of OMB M-1917.  He is a key member of the HHS OIG Architecture group defining and designing IAM solutions that create value for stakeholders in the NIST 800-63 space.

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Robert Couch

Robert is a scrum master with 7 years experience who enjoys empowering teams, building relationships and problem solving. Outside of work he enjoys playing and watching sports and traveling.

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Castro Frimpong

With over 13 years as a business analyst, Castro Frimpong has excelled in aligning business needs with strategic solutions, showcasing a talent for detailed planning and requirement analysis. Castro enjoys watching sports outside of work and cherishes family time, balancing a successful career with personal passions.

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Ashenafi Gari

Ashenafi is a software engineer with more than a decade of experience. He is passionate about full-stack development and software architecture. He is Joining the Dynanet HHS team as a senior software engineer. Outside of work, Ashenafi enjoys watching soccer, working out, and spending time with family, friends, and his dog.

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Sean Peay

Sean Peay

Our president, CEO and founder, Sean established Dynanet in 1995 as a way to provide superior information technology engineering and management services to state and federal agencies. He is committed to excellence in customer service and the success of each and every Dynanet employee. Under Sean’s leadership, Dynanet has moved from an IT and professional

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Bill Gillan

Bill Gillan

Focusing on corporate growth and ongoing operational health, our cofounder comes from a background of finance and private equity. An entrepreneur at heart, Bill knows what it takes to not only establish a company’s financial underpinnings, his expertise in operations and partnerships makes Dynanet a strong player in our target markets. Off hours you can

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Peter Anih

Peter Anih

A strategic thinker and a key thought leader in the IT systems world, Peter knows the civilian government and healthcare space. Trained as a systems engineer, his skills as a communicator have helped him chart a course through the IT consulting world, leaving a significant trail of accomplishments. Peter is in high demand as a

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Ana Lombera

Ana Lombera

Ana is our corporate magician: she can see into the future of a product, organization, or client issue. As our senior director of program management and enterprise architecture practice, Ana’s expertise bridges business strategy to business success using effective IT execution. Ana keeps sharp in her off hours by (insert personal story here).

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