Employee Spotlight

Brian DiPaolo

Brian is a seasoned Data Scientist with the esteemed Computational Microscopy Imaging Lab group within the Department of Medicine at the University of Florida. With a career spanning over fifteen years, Brian has spearheaded the development and commercialization of a variety of pioneering biomedical technologies. Brian earned his doctorate degree at the University of Pennsylvania […]

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Brad Egloff

Brad has 20+ years of experience in cybersecurity/information assurance management and business. He has strong knowledge across multiple markets and considerable project and program management experience with Risk Management and Governance / Compliance projects. Brad’s current and past clients include some of the leading entities in the Federal, State, Financial Services, and Healthcare Industries.

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Pascal Passignan

Pascal is an ICAM Architect providing strategic leadership in designing and implementing the tenets of OMB M-1917.  He is a key member of the HHS OIG Architecture group defining and designing IAM solutions that create value for stakeholders in the NIST 800-63 space.

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Robert Couch

Robert is a scrum master with 7 years experience who enjoys empowering teams, building relationships and problem solving. Outside of work he enjoys playing and watching sports and traveling.

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Castro Frimpong

With over 13 years as a business analyst, Castro Frimpong has excelled in aligning business needs with strategic solutions, showcasing a talent for detailed planning and requirement analysis. Castro enjoys watching sports outside of work and cherishes family time, balancing a successful career with personal passions.

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Ashenafi Gari

Ashenafi is a software engineer with more than a decade of experience. He is passionate about full-stack development and software architecture. He is Joining the Dynanet HHS team as a senior software engineer. Outside of work, Ashenafi enjoys watching soccer, working out, and spending time with family, friends, and his dog.

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