Sean Peay

President and CEO

Mr. Peay has spent over 24 years providing exceptional IT services to the state and federal government. Mr. Peay has significantly expanded Dynanet’s operations increasing the company’s revenues 25-fold, while expanding the Dynanet’s services to include comprehensive IT Software Development, Program Management and Health IT. His continued commitment to customer satisfaction, providing customer focused solutions, utilizing leading edge technologies, and fostering a dynamic group of professionals has moved Dynanet from an information technology and professional services company to a full IT systems integration company.

After founding the Dynanet Corporation in 1995, Mr. Peay concentrated on providing superior information technology engineering and management services with a focus on IT infrastructure services. Building upon Dynanet’s early successes and vision, the company is entering new verticals in the government market including the veteran and defense sectors as well as expanding our reach into Information Assurance and Health IT. By pursuing these goals with a deep understanding of our past, we are excited to see Dynanet strengthen our value proposition for our customers by providing responsive, proven and trusted core services.

Mr. Peay graduated from Radford University in 1991 with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Business and Management with a minor in Computer Science.

He is an active member in the Coalition for Government, and attends AFCEA and IAC meetings.