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GSA: Making the Old New and Flexible



The General Service Administration (GSA) is responsible for processing $60 billion in goods and services transactions annually. We supported the GSA in the transition from a traditional quarterly waterfall process to an Agile bi-weekly scrum process. This set the stage to introduce DevSecOps.


Dynanet provided design, development, testing and system integration testing to enhance core applications and migrate legacy systems to a cloud architecture.

Focusing on leading-edge technologies, innovation, and high-quality products and services, we provided:

  • Operations and maintenance
  • AWS Cloud solutions implementation
  • Application development
  • Deployment


We exceeded the government’s requirement by leveraging:

  • An Agile development approach
  • DevSecOps
  • Introducing Several tools and Programming languages

Dynanet improved efficiency, scalability, and resiliency.

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