Dynanet Wins DOI Telecommunications Contract

Dynanet was awarded the recompete of its Telecommunications Contract with the Department of Interior (DOI).  As the Prime contractor, Dynanet provides technical, administrative and operational support for DOI’s telecommunications department.  Dynanet provides operations and maintenance of DOI’s Alcatel –Lucent OmniPCX Enterprise (OXE) Telephony system and the AVST CX-E Voice Mail Systems.  Implemented in the mid 2000, these systems have become critical to the Department’s ability to perform its mission of protecting and managing the Nation’s natural resources and cultural heritage.  This system manages over 10,000 telephone extensions and voicemail boxes, tying together DOI organizations and facilities located throughout the Nation including Colorado, New Mexico and multiple facilities within the Washington DC metro area.  Congratulations to Dynanet’s DOI team.

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