Dynanet Renews ISO 9001 Certification

In February 2020, Dynanet successfully passed an independent audit certifying that its Quality Management System (QMS) continues to meet the requirements of International Organization for Standardization (ISO) 9001:2015, a globally recognized quality standard currently followed by over a million organizations.  ISO 9001 promotes customer focus, senior management involvement, a process-based approach, and continuous improvement with the goal of improving customer satisfaction. Organizations that meet the ISO 9001:2015 requirements in areas such as leadership, planning, operations, and improvement can be trusted to deliver international-quality products and services that meet customer requirements.

Dynanet’s SharePoint-based QMS formalizes the policies and procedures that assure quality for its customers.  Team members apply the policies, roles, responsibilities, agile processes, and tools of the QMS to satisfy customer requirements faster, more cost-effectively, and with greater consistency. Dynanet has held ISO 9001 certifications since 2009 and was the first U.S. small business to receive a Maturity Level 5 rating using the Development view of the V2.0 Capability Maturity Model Integration (CMMI).

According to Sean Peay, Dynanet CEO and President, “Our long history of ISO 9001 certifications and CMMI ratings demonstrates Dynanet’s commitment to performance improvement and our relentless pursuit of quality in the products and services we deliver to our customers.” Dynanet’s Director of Process Improvement, Mike McEwen, added that “Our quality certifications confirm what we already know, that our teams deliver exceptional quality to our customers. This most recent certification is a major milestone and assures Dynanet’s customers of our continued focus on performance excellence using the best of best practices.”

Dynanet was established in 1995 to deliver exceptional information technology engineering and management services to state and federal governments. At the time, our company’s initial focus was on providing IT infrastructure services. Since then, not only has our workforce increased but our services have expanded to fit the needs of the industry.  Our mission is to provide system integration services in order to solve complex business problems. We create responsive solutions in the areas of Agile Application Development, Robotic Process Automation, System Engineering, Public/Private/Hybrid-Cloud Infrastructure Operations and Management, Program Management, and Blockchain Enablement. While we understand there is no one-size-fits-all approach, we ensure that you have contact with our key personnel that provide superior knowledge in their technical approaches and solutions.  For more information, please visit Dynanet’s website at www.dynanetcorp.com.

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