Dynanet Corporation Awarded a Contract to Provide Application Support to OPM’s Chief Information Officer

WASHINGTON, DC, March 26, 2014 – The Office of Personnel Management (OPM), Office of the Chief Information Officer (CIO) has awarded Dynanet Corporation an extension contract in support of the EPIC Transformation Application Development project to deliver innovative information technology services. EPIC, a suite of investigative systems, provides the Federal Investigations Services (FIS) staff and contractors with business applications to schedule, manage, and close cases, access case data, perform analysis of investigation items, and produce management and production reports about the status of cases and case items. The Dynanet Corporation has supported the OPM Investigations Legacy Applications for the past eight years and has been involved with the EPIC Transformation effort since 2010.

The EPIC Transformation Project approach is defined by approximately 24 releases that comprise both infrastructure (hardware and middleware) and application functionality designed to replace Natural/Adabas with an event-driven architecture. Dynanet’s highly skilled technical and management team was selected to meet OPM mission challenges and support the CIO’s overall objective for on-time delivery of quality application system deliverables through all phases of the system lifecycle.

Specifically, Dynanet will implement the EPIC target architecture incrementally, first by transforming the Natural language programs and implement imaging as a service, followed by replacing Adabas by transforming the data management layer to point to a relational database; and finally modernizing the remaining components and automating business processes. “Dynanet has had a long and productive working relationship with OPM. We are excited about continuing our partnership with OPM and working on OPM’s EPIC transformation,” said Sean Peay, Dynanet Corporation CEO.

Dynanet, headquartered in Elkridge, MD, was established in 1995 to provide superior information technology engineering and management services to state and federal government with a focus on IT infrastructure services. In the past ten years Dynanet has seen a 25-fold increase in company revenues and expanded into comprehensive IT Software Development, Program Management and Health IT.

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