Dynanet Approved Subcontractor for Army IDIQ

The Department of Army has approved Dynanet as a subcontractor to Irving Burton Associations, Inc. (IBA) for the TRICARE Evaluation, Analysis, and Management Support Program (TEAMS) IDIQ.  The TEAMS contract vehicle supports the TRICARE Management Activity Procurement Support Office (TPS) in the execution of its mission to develop and implement policies, procedures, and acquisition programs necessary to acquire the services needed to support the management and integration of military health systems, in addition to overseeing all aspects of non-purchased health care contracting. The TEAMS vehicle allows clients to obtain services in support of policy development, decision-making, management and administration, and program and/or project management and administration. More specifically, it provides for program and/or project management support services, specialized studies and analysis, performance-based budgeting/financial management and analysis support, business process improvements, functional validation and verification, information management, acquisition management, and logistical support.

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