Web-enable mainframe systems and perform applications maintenance and improvement for complex and disparate systems.

Client: General Services Administration, Federal Acquisition Service Applications, Maintenance, and Enhancements (FAME)


GSA's legacy mainframe system is responsible for processing $60B goods and services annually. However, it is a 20 year old system that is very expensive to maintain and unfortunately does not meet the user community's requirements.


Dynanet facilitated sessions to develop and author the Functional Requirements Document and Standard Operating Procedures. Then using a variety of development and design tools, we developed web applications, created test cases, performed quality and regression, identified defects, and tracked defects until resolution. Additionally, Dynanet configured Business Intelligence tools that are critical components of FAS's customer business processes.


Dynanet converted the ColdFusion, MySQL database and Windows Server applications, into a 508 compliant, state-of-the-art technology using Java Spring Framework to reduce the number of applications.