Provide management and operational resources for superior ITIL based service desk, network administration, telecommunications and audio visual services

Client: Department of Interior, Interior Business Center (IBC)


IBC was faced by the challenge to improve technical support customer service and provide cost effective and efficient enterprise services while leveraging an integrated technological infrastructure and implementing a flexible and agile management environment, both in the business and technology areas.


Dynanet assumed responsibility from multiple vendors for the IBC helpdesk support for telecommunications, network and audio visual which allowed for the creation of a single, centralized management structure. Dynanet upgraded the voice and CISCO based data network infrastructure and the Call Center technologies to provide integrated and high availability call management capabilities at NBC's Denver and Virginia call centers.


Dynanet's successful modernization of the voice, data and call center technologies allowed IBC to reduce cost, improve operational efficiencies while providing a platform of integrated technologies that support the flexible and agile management environment. The implementation of ITIL based processes resulted in fewer ticket escalations, decrease in resolutions time and improved customer service.