Integrate off-the-shelf products to aggregate data in information silos for better business intelligence

Client: Food & Drug Administration, Center for Devices and Radiological Health (CDRH)


Data needed for operational and management control resided in information silos that were not easy to integrate. Consequently, CDRH did not have a good “big picture” view of their operations nor an automated way to generate Congressional reports demonstrated its compliance with turnaround time mandates.


Dynanet implemented a business intelligence and data warehousing system based on SAP Business Objects and an open-source ETL tool providing dashboards, a wide variety of reports, and ad hoc query capabilities.


Dynanet's solution gives CDRH sophisticated analysis and reporting tools that simplify access to hundreds of data elements located in independent systems for ad hoc queries, user-defined reports, and picture-perfect canned reports. Our dashboards help managers and submission review staff meet performance goals in their annual performance reviews and organizational scorecards. Reports to Congress and industry are now generated automatically every quarter.