Develop, maintain, and enhance innovative applications using ADABAS, NATURAL, and JAVA languages and Dynanet's own proven and agile system development life cycle approach

Client: Office of Personnel Management, Personnel Investigations Processing System (PIPS) Maintenance and Enhancement Support for Case Processing Branch


OPM created a new Background Investigation Questionnaire form (SF86/B) to accommodate the collection of new and refined background data from applicants.  Tasks involved the addition of over 1200 new database fields, creation of hundreds of new NATURAL programs and the modification of thousands of lines of legacy code that would have to be integrated into the existing PIP System.


Dynanet NATURAL developers were an integral part of the development, testing, and deployment teams for major components of the system including Online Screening, and eQip linkage. The Dynanet Project Manager acted as Functional Lead for multiple components including Case Data Purge, Closing, Electronic Case Papers, the Case Information Request System (CIRS), and Fingerprint Transmission System (FTS).


Dynanet developers worked tirelessly to accommodate an aggressive project schedule resulting in the on-time delivery of this high-visibile mission-critical enhancement.