Create a multimedia, content management campaign that identified potential consumer and defined risk remediation strategies through rapid information dissemination

Client: Food and Drug Administration, Center for Food Science and Nutrition (CFSAN)


CFSAN provides vital scientific analysis and critical issues related to food and cosmetics that needs to be disseminated to the public immediately and in a user intuitive manner. As such, Dynanet was hired to improve and maintain CFSAN's web presence.


Dynanet implemented an Oracle Web Content Management Software and 508 Compliant solution as well as developed templates that not only ensured consistency and standardization with look and feel but also processed web pages faster.


Our templates and processes allowed the processing of web releases at an average of 720 to 960 pages per year. Additionally, through the implementation of our solution, we migrated over 7,000 pages of consumer content in less than five months, when the process had a twelve (12) month goal.