4D Agile Methodology

Our Methodology

The Dynanet 4D Methodology is a proven program and project management/engagement model that enables rapid development of exact capabilities needed for the business or mission. This methodology is based on Agile and iterative execution principles. Our team(s) will collaboratively integrate into the customer’s IT environment providing value and complete transparency throughout the lifecycle of the engagement. The 4D methodology promotes the use of Agile Lifecycle Management (ALM) tools, automation, and rapid deployment capabilities to decrease the time and cost it takes to get IT solutions in the hands of the business and mission.

The 4D Methodology starts with a Discovery phase that establishes the foundational elements for every Dynanet engagement. After the Discovery phase our team(s) will enter into the Design phase working with business, mission, and IT stakeholders to establish a backlog of features. Once the backlog is in a mature state we move to the Development phase. This phase is focused on the creation of the business or mission enhancing element which can be code, IT infrastructure, reports, dashboards, or any other demonstrable item. The next phase is Deployment which is centered around getting the Minimum Viable Product (MVP) into the hands of the end users.

All four phases of the 4D Methodology flow and build off of one another while providing the ability to be leveraged at any point during a program or project.

Dynanet 4D Methodology

Dynanet 4D Methodology Dynanet 4D Methodology enables rapid development of exact capabilities needed for the business or mission.


Methodology: Discover


During the Discover phase we assess the environment to determine what level of effort is needed to produce an MVP that will provide immediate value to the organization. We will engage stakeholders from various parts of the organization to ensure we have a holistic understanding of what will be required to produce an MVP. We will also identify potential bottlenecks and pitfalls that could hamper the progress of the program/project.

The discovery phase is a vital component to any program/project because it sets expectations and ownership, identifies critical mission needs, and most importantly establishes communication channels.

Methodology: Design


In the Design phase we work collaboratively with mission and business stakeholders to determine what User Story criteria is needed to produce an MVP. The foundational elements of the MVP will be identified and prioritized. It will be crucial for external IT personnel to be a part of this process. We want to ensure that we are developing something that will bring immediate value to the organization and this can’t be done unless external stakeholders are engaged.

We will focus on collaboration and make sure that there is complete transparency with everything we are producing during the Design phase.

Methodology: Develop


Dynanet will leverage Agile principles to iteratively engineer a solution building towards a functional MVP. We will Develop production-ready pieces of functionality at an interactive cadence. Testing, security, and collaboration with the O&M/sustainment team is a major priority for a successful deployment phase. We will also be able to rapidly consume any new requirements that come from internal or external stakeholders. We will work with a Product Owner to understand where the priorities lie for a given sprint or timeframe and build towards those goals.

Methodology: Deploy


During the Deployment phase we will continuously release tested/validated packages to on-prem, public, private, or hybrid-cloud environments. Leveraging DevOps concepts where possible our pipeline will be fully integrated into all environments within an organization’s IT ecosystem. During the deployment phase we will also be able to incorporate any patches, bug fixes, or updates that a system requires. Personnel from our development phase will be integrated within this phase to ensure a smooth transition from development to sustainment.