Services Overview

Our staff is comprised of highly skilled professionals, who possess the core competencies in the areas of Agile Application Development, System Engineering, Public/Private/Hybrid-Cloud Infrastructure Operations and Management, Program Management, and Blockchain Enablement. Our highly focused iterative approach allows us to tailor IT solutions to specific program and project requirements and needs. Dynanet’s continuing education program provides ongoing industry leading training and certification support for our workforce providing premium support for evolving technologies that will enhance and enable the mission, IT goals of an organization, and increase capabilities across our customer’s IT ecosystem.

Information technology is an integral part of keeping the government, military, and private sector organizations running safely, securely, and more efficiently. Leveraging the Dynanet 4D Methodology we will iteratively execute and produce functioning, production-ready capabilities to mission and business users. Whether the project involves modernizing legacy systems or developing net-new organizational IT systems and capabilities, our ability to work with stakeholders to prioritize and develop IT solutions produce immediate and reliable results.

With increasing number of access points and devices that join an IT ecosystem on a daily basis, security is one of Dynanet’s top priorities. Dynanet has always had and continues to have security in mind for every customer engagement. The applications and systems we design and build leverage industry best security practices and standards such as ISO/IEC and NIST. Our security first mindset provides a level of scrutiny during the engineering and development phases of a project that ensure all security requirements and procedures are met and often exceeded. Our development teams leverage automated tests that stress their code with the purpose of finding vulnerabilities before it is applied to a production environment. Our system engineers use infrastructure as code, creating a consistent and secure build every time changes are deployed to an environment.

Security is paramount in the cyber world today and Dynanet continues to monitor, maintain, and enhance the IT security posture to support our customer’s business and mission needs.

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Security of Services

We have provided cutting edge IT solutions to the following customers:

  • United States Air Force
  • Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)
  • Defense Health Agency (DHA)
  • United States Department of Agriculture (USDA)
  • General Services Administration (GSA)

  • Office of Personnel Management (OPM)
  • Food and Drug Administration (FDA)
  • Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS)
  • Department of Interior (DOI)
  • The States of Maryland and Pennsylvania