What Our Customers are Saying

I wanted to thank you and your team... for working the DHA HAIMS access issues out. We were able to test the connections for the site once all the corrections had been implemented and found success... All parties involved stayed on the line and provided great support to the overall success.

Regional Health Command, Defense Health Agency (DHA)

I really appreciate your immediate response to this issue, and of course, how quickly you resolved it!

Program Analyst, U.S. Food & Drug Administration

Dynanet repeatedly has shown a high level of quality in all of their work. They anticipate and resolve problems before they occur, resulting in less downtime and higher productivity. Dynanet has also maintained a high level of computer/network security and shown no weaknesses in aggressively protecting that system.

Marc Tabyanan, B-2 WSSC Infrastructure Support Lead, U.S. Air Force

Thanks again for putting together this big piece end to end testing, it is a good model to follow for rest of major releases for all teams.

COR, U.S. Food & Drug Administration

This note is to express my sincere thanks to the Dynanet team for supporting the Department’s modernization move ... over the past eight weeks. [Dynanet employees] played a vital role in relocating and testing hundreds of telephone users. Their prompt service and attention to detail is vital to the Department’s mission and is greatly appreciated.

Chief, Branch of Conference and Special Events, US Department of the Interior

Thank you!!! With careful planning and superior execution, you pulled it off and made it look easy. Your efforts are sincerely appreciated. Thanks again for an amazing job!

Center Database Migration Liaison, U.S. Food & Drug Administration

Dynanet's efforts were above and beyond the norm, ensured delivered replacement services met both requirements and need, and did so without negatively impacting PBS business vendors.

Lockheed Martin

I am in awe of how smoothly everything with this deployment proceeded this weekend. Thanks to everyone who played a role in this deployment! I think we have reached our stride as a team and am looking forward to working with all of you in many more successful releases.

Deputy Director, U.S. Food & Drug Administration

Dynanet Corporation should be proud to be so well-represented by its employees.

U.S. Department of Interior

I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank the [Dynanet] help desk. They are an invaluable resource for keeping our business processes moving through day to day issues. Much appreciated!!

Policy Analyst, U.S. Food & Drug Administration