Dynanet was established in 1995 when our President and CEO, Mr. Sean Peay, saw an opportunity to deliver exceptional information technology engineering and management services to state and federal governments. At the time, our company’s initial focus was on providing IT infrastructure services. Since then, not only has our workforce increased but our services have expanded to fit the needs of the industry. Over the past 20 years, we have moved from an information technology and professional services company to a full IT systems integration company. We currently provide customer focused solutions to include Information Assurance, Application Development, Infrastructure Operations and Management, Program Management, Cloud & Mobile and Health IT.

During the last few decades, our executive leadership team has built Dynanet’s dedicated workforce from 20 employees to over 125 key personnel. We have a broad professional reach including established and strong partnerships with industry leaders such as Booz Allen Hamilton, IBM, and Lockheed Martin. In addition, our employees have established relationships with companies that provide specialty or niche services that enhance IT solutions for civilian and military agencies. We are product agnostic with experience in a variety of leading edge technologies.

The professional growth that our Dynanet staff has experienced throughout the years is directly attributed to the strong relationships we maintain with our employees and industry partners.