Monthly Archives: February 2017

USDA Awards Dynanet Contract to Provide IT Services

Dynanet has been awarded a one-year contract with the USDA Foreign Agriculture Service to provide information technology (IT) services that deliver business results using agile software development techniques. Under this contract, Dynanet will provide development and modernization of IT applications and systems to achieve outcomes via improvement to or complete redesign of people/process/technology solutions; working … Read More

Six Best Practices for Estimating Agile Projects with Story Points

One benefit of Scrum and other Agile practices is predictability. Predictable Agile teams know their capacity for work, make realistic commitments, and deliver what is expected. But, predictability requires good estimation. Good estimates enable an Agile team to plan sprints well, forecast milestones, and build confidence with end users and other stakeholders.   An Agile team … Read More

Dynanet Publishes Corporate Newsletter: FY17 Issue 2

Get all the latest news and updates in Dynanet’s quarterly newsletter. Click here (FY17 Q2 Dynanet Newsletter) to read the entire newsletter. This issue includes a Message from the CEO, Sean Peay; Employee News and Awards; and Employee Profiles. Have a question? Need more information. Contact Sherri Brown at

Do Your Agile Projects Need More Process?

Some might think adopting Agile means throwing processes out the window given the Agile Manifesto, which values individuals and interactions over processes and tools. However, current research finds that the two can coexist and even significantly improve performance when applied together. Read more (Dynanet Blog Process Balance) to find out if adopting some or all of … Read More

Seven Important Metrics for Agile Performance

Agile is an empirical approach to performing work.  Instead of following a detailed plan developed upfront, the Agile team observes and experiments, a process that metrics directly support.  Metrics are something useful to measure, like customer satisfaction or network bandwidth.  In the Agile world, metrics help you establish baselines for comparison when making changes; monitor … Read More